Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lovemarks that make you fall in love...

"It’s truly a decadent experience"
"It's the best thing you can do!"
"Worth trying. You will be sold.
"You won't want to wait until your next shower
"I didn't want to leave

These are only a few of the words from the many ways our fans use to describe what they feel for our brand.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Announcing Sabon NYC's Valentine's Day winners

Congratulations to John Kenney, Angel Liu and Karly Beaumont,
our happy winners this month in our V-day campaign on Facebook.
They all received today a beautiful large carton box that includes:

Natural thin & tall round vanilla-coconut candle
A large earthy Amber heart soap
Creamy & sweet kiwi-mango heart soap
All natural Freshener massage oil
Silky Patchouli/Vanilla/Lavender Shower Oil

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Now Sabon NYC is on Facebook too

As part of our continuous effort to stay in touch with our loyal customers, we have decided to open a Facebook page, now you can become a fan, write reviews, invite your friends, participate of the discussions and tell your stories. We will have regular promotions, contests, and events that cannot be missed.

Visit our Facebook page at

Upcoming promotion for Valentine's Day:

3 lucky fans will receive a special Valentine's Day basket of sexy & romantic Sabon NYC products just in time for the Celebration of Love. Make sure to become a fan before the 13th of February to automatically be entered into our drawing. Winners will receive their package this month!
(Valid only for US addresses)

Lots of Love!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Introducing Day and Night Serums

Sabon announces the launch of our breakthrough line of Day and Night Serums.

Based on a composition of Shiitake mushrooms and glycerine, chamomile oil and basil oil, the Day Serum is a light and easily absorbed serum, to be worn under makeup, or as a base for moisture lotion. Shiitake mushrooms have long been prized for their unique medicinal qualities and their extraordinary ability to slow down the aging process.

Considered to be one of the earths’ richest source of natural antioxidants, and of B family vitamins, the Shiitake mushroom also contains Potassium, Iron and Zinc making this serum a no-brainer for overall skin health and top notch skin cell renewal.

The smooth and silky Night Serum is based on the famed and mysterious Lotus Flower. In the Far East, the Lotus flower is a symbol of purity. According to legend, Buddha was seated in meditation on the Lotus flower when his breath merged with the fragrant scent of the Lotus flower. Lotus Flower oil purifies the skin, heals scars and prevents free radical damage. Bursting with Vitamin C, it aids in renewal of the collagen fibers and revives the epidermis.

This fragrant and miraculous serum also contains Sunflower oil, Soy oil, Aloe Vera oil and White Tea oil.